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Welcome to the home of the new Crusaders, represented by those from Durotar, Old Lorderon, Mulgore, and other lands allied with the Horde! We work to provide a place for those who wish to put an end to an epoch of war which is primarily fueled by racism between the two sides.

We believe no guild can succeed without knowing and believing in each other.

Medium to Heavy RP, Raid, and PVP Guild on the most notorious Warcraft Server:
Moon Guard

(Not an ERP guild)

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Maiyuri, Apr 20, 13 5:48 PM.
We are the newly created Horde side of the Crusaders helping to promote peace and Neutrality under Lord Tirion. Lord Linkaro looks for those who be willing to step aside old foes turn away to the ending wars bet Horde and Alliance, To fight Azeroth's true enemies that come to threat our homes, family and friends.

After the Horde and Alliance began to wage war with each other, Garrosh ordered Lord Linkaro to take the Horde branch of the Crusaders to Northrend in an attempt to keep them out of Pandaria. Instead, the Crusaders charter to Northrend was " Hijacked" and brought to Pandaria in order to thwart Garrosh's plans.
Little did the Crusaders landing in Jade Forest learned how much damage was done to the lands they have invaded and wage war in. The Pandaren's who were there to recieve the Crusaders armed wanted them to leave after seeing first hands the lands destroyed, trees cut down, their mines overtaken by both sides and their locals taken slaves into working to built forts only that lead to destruction of the years of work building a statue of their Guardian gone and lands scarred with their many dead. Lord Linkaro and the Crusaders were asked to leave unwelcomed by them but with doing so a slight of trust was return the Pandaren also pointed out where the Horde and Alliance headed after Jade Forest.

Seeing the directions of which both warring parties went lead them to find Lion's Landing the Base of the Alliance East of Krasarang Wilds and way off to the West of the Wilds was Domination Point the base of the Horde. After seeing how much of the lands's riches both parties were stealing warring taking what they could it was clear to Linkaro to do something. Wanting to talk to the Pandaren Link and his Wife Maiyuri headed to the Shrine of Two Moons to speak them.

During the time Lord and Lady were discussing terms with the natives of the lands a small army went to answer on the call of Thunder Isle where Raid Commander Kasumi Goldawn was charged to help knowing Garrosh was on their trail changed the colors of the tabards. Meeting with Lor'themar Theron who has known of Kasumi and the Crusaders was more then glad to help them thwart Garrosh, helping them hide among the Sunweavers helping clear the frontlines of the Mogu and Zandalari trolls Kasumi before reporting sent a small force the Crusaders to do the same for Kirin' Tor to keep both side from fighting and focusing on the main threat which was Thunder King having on successfully securing the Isle and cutting their forces by more then half and stopping reinforcements to reach them. Kasumi has called all Crusaders away from the Isle knowing both Sunweavers and Kirin'Tor will be able to handle the Thunder king but also to keep both parties from being caught with the Crusaders. Waiting where else they can lend a hand to help now are spread across the content helping all they can with food, shelther and much more.

We are getting there.

Maiyuri, Oct 4, 12 1:49 PM.
Warriors of Azeroth! Hear this call Rise, to the call of the Crusaders! Warriors of all kinds there is much to fight for, much to protect join us in this quest fight with brothers and sisters who share weight as you do, here all are welcome not just to priests or paladins but all kinds! Here you are always Crusader!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Lînkaro, Aug 25, 12 4:16 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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